BOOK OF BOBA FETT Ep. 5 Breakdown & Easter Eggs – “Return of The Mandalorian” (Nerdist News)

This week’s chapter of The Book of Boba Fett takes a detour in what is sure to be a fan-favorite episode. With the return of a highly anticipated character, deep-cut references to The Phantom Menace and Jedi Fallen Order, and major implications for the future of the Star Wars universe, there is a lot to explore. Dan suits up in his finest beskar armor to break down all the easter eggs and hidden details you might have missed, along with what this exciting return could mean for The Book of Boba Fett on today’s episode of Nerdist News! Thanks again to SYFY’s Resident Alien for sponsoring today’s episode. Tune in to watch season 2 tonight at 9/8c: in new tab