BATMAN: Why Ben Affleck Walked Away (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

After stepping into the role as the Dark Knight on the heels of the Christopher Nolan trilogy, Ben Affleck had his work cut out for him. Despite never having a solo film of his own, Affleck appeared as Batman in multiple films the DCEU, building up to the long awaited Justice League movie. However, since then, the DC cinematic universe has seen a shift in direction, and somewhere along the way, Affleck decided to hang up his cape. Now, in a recent interview, the former caped crusader opens up about why exactly he stepped away from the role. Dan breaks it all down on this episode of Nerdist News. What was your favorite Batfleck moment? Let us know in the comments! More DC news: in new tab Watch more Nerdist News: in new tab Follow Us: Facebook in new tab Twitter in new tab Instagram in new tab Nerdist News in new tab Dan Casey in new tab Kyle Hill in new tab Nerdist News 5 days a week, Monday through Friday. Image: Warner Bros. #NerdistNews