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Ant-Man VS. Thanos’ Butt: The Science

Marvel has kept the secrets of Avengers: Endgame close to the chest, but that hasn't stopped fans from speculating how Earth's Mightiest Heroes will defeat the all powerful Thanos. Possibly the most bizarre theory comes from a popular internet meme, which suggests the ultimate way to bring down the Mad Titan is to have Ant-Man sneak his way into Thanos' backside and explode out of him like a big purple balloon. As absurd and humorous as it may seem, could this plan actually work? Kyle enters the quantum realm to find out just how worried Thanos should be in this week's Because Science! Learn More: RUPTURE OF THE COLON CAUSE BY COMPRESSED AIR: SURVIVAL AFTER INTESTINAL PERFORATION: NORMAL COLON WALL THICKNESS: TENSILE PROPERTIES OF THE RECTAL AND SIGMOID COLON: CYLINDER STRESS: STRESS IN SPHERICAL VESSEL: ALL THE CARS USED IN ANT-MAN AND THE WASP: