How to Make Zombie Sounds Using Fresh Groceries

“Appetizing” isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when you watch a zombie movie or TV show, unless you’re the kind of diner who routinely orders intestines and brains. But it turns out that when you see the living dead chowing down on a hapless victims insides, the sound effects guy might just be having fun with his own assortment of edibles. In this Insider video which we first saw at Geekologie, Foley artist and sound designer Matt Davies demonstrates his literally sloppy technique for getting all those gore noises, and it involves tomatoes and raw chicken.

In some cases, he even lets his dog do some of the hard work, since human teeth aren’t as hardy when scraped against bone. The best effects, though, come from Davies’ own mouth, as he makes monster noises like a kid on a playground, but with a lifetime of practice. He even demonstrates the differences among kinds of zombie voices, from the groaning of the original George Romero dead to the guttural, feral ferocity of The Walking Dead‘s walkers. It’s a distinction you may not have given much thought to, but once he does it, you know exactly what he’s talking about.

We just want to know if he gets to cook the raw veggies after he’s squished and slurped them. We’re assuming the raw meat goes to the dogs. Let us know in comments what food you’d most like to play with to make some awesome noises!

Image: Insider

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