This ZELDA Master Sword Is Actually a Nintendo Switch Game Card Case

As somebody who has a Nintendo Switch and enthusiastically explores the accessories market, I’ve learned a couple things: There are a ton of third-party options out there for things that can enhance your Switch-owning experience, and a lot of them aren’t the best thing for all folks. For instance, I haven’t been able to find my ideal game card case that will look natural on the shelf next to my official game cases, so a few months ago, I went ahead and designed my own, based on an official Nintendo game card case and a third-party plastic insert.

I’m very satisfied with the results, which were made to blend in. That aesthetic choice isn’t for everybody, though, so if you’re looking for an option that’s more meant to stand out, here’s something: a game card case that looks like the Master Sword from The Legend Of Zelda series (via Reddit).

While in its sheath, the 3D-printed sword looks like a standard collectible prop, but take it out, and the “blade” has slots for six games. The video uploader is quick to point out that while they did print this sword themselves, it’s not actually their design. That comes courtesy of kDaesign on Etsy, who sells the sword (or gives away the design files for free) for $30. It’s sold out at the moment, so keep an eye on the Etsy store page in hopes that more will be available soon ( here’s a cached version of the product page if you want to check it out).

What’s your current solution for storing your Switch games? Would you consider something like this? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Featured image: Kickass 3D Prints/YouTube

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