ONE PIECE Live-Action Fans Will Adore These Youtooz Figures

If you, like me, have fallen deeply in love with Netflix’s live-action One Piece adaptation, then you’ll want to pay close attention to the Youtooz figures I’m about to show you. Because even though One Piece is a massively long-running franchise, the live-action version is so new there just isn’t much merch around for it yet. And while we’re hopeful that will change, we nerdy creatures are itching to fill our shelves with representations of Netflix’s live-action adaptation now. And that’s why I, for one, am truly thankful for Youtooz’s line of One Piece figures celebrating the live-action in specific. Not only are they incredibly well-done and detailed, as all Youtooz figures are, but they really capture the earnest heart of the live-action series. Let’s take a look.

one Piece live-action Youtooz group shot no box wider (2)

Youtooz’s Live-Action One Piece Luffy Figure

One piece live-action youtooz Luffy going merry box

I dare you to look at this Luffy figure and not crack a smile! Dare you! The future king of the pirates is in fine form, and you can just tell that he wants you to follow your dreams and succeed in all you do.

This live-action Luffy figure comes with Luffy’s signature hat and a victorious pose. His beautiful box reminds us all of his dream and features everyone’s favorite ship, the Going Merry. The sea and this little Luffy are calling. I promise you, you need him in your life.

Youtooz’s Live-Action One Piece Zoro Figure

One piece live-action youtooz zoro cherry blossom box 2 (1)

Zoro’s box is a little bolder than Luffy’s. It proclaims he’s the world’s greatest swordsman. And even though he isn’t yet, he will be because he made a promise.

one Piece Youtooz zoro close front

We also absolutely adore that Zoro’s box is decorated with falling cherry blossoms. To me, that says that whoever designed this figure really knows the heart of One Piece‘s live-action Zoro (which is caring and good, even though he probably doesn’t want you to know that.) There’s a softness to the whole figure, which I adore. And, of course, Zoro comes with his signature three swords, including the Wado Ichimonji (or Wado Itchy Monkey, as Luffy would say) and his three dangling earrings. What’s not to love about this Zoro figure?

one Piece Youtooz zoro close

Youtooz’s Live-Action One Piece Usopp Figure

One piece live-action youtooz usopp ocean box (1)

Like Luffy, Usopp’s smile just makes you happy. You can tell that he’s going to not only be a brave warrior of the sea, but one of its most noble. In the live-action One Piece series, we see Usopp’s gigantic heart and cheery attitude shine, and this figure captures all of those qualities. With his trusty slingshot in hand, Usopp is ready to protect all those in need and defend the good from any possible evil that wishes to encroach.

one Piece Youtooz usopp close up

Three cheers for the Great Captain Usopp!

Youtooz’s Live-Action One Piece Sanji Figure

one Piece live-action Youtooz Sanji kitchen box 2 (1)

I would say that of all the characters in Netflix’s One Piece, Sanji underwent the biggest transformation from manga/anime to live-action, so I’m thrilled that this figure celebrates Taz Skyler’s rendition of the cook. In the live-action, Sanji is earnest, emotional, and stubbornly ready to help out his crewmates (whether they want him to or not). But, of course, his ultimate dream is to find the All Blue and taste ingredients from all over One Piece‘s universe. Until that happens, this Youtooz figure will let him watch over your kitchen.

Youtooz’s Live-Action One Piece Nami Figure

One piece youtooz Nami navigator box (1)

As it says on the box, Nami is the ship’s navigator, and she knows exactly who she is. We wouldn’t cross Nami even without her staff, but this Youtooz figure really drives home that point. We also love the brightly colored notes on this figure, which perfectly balances One Piece’s live-action and anime roots.

Youtooz’s live-action One Piece figures are now available for pre-order. They each cost $29.99.

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