Youtooz FALLOUT Series Figures Celebrate the Wasteland

Are you ghoul enough for these Fallout Youtooz figures? If you’ve already inhaled all eight episodes of Prime Video’s series adaptation of the beloved gaming franchise, you just might be. (Although, if you still have your nose, this miniature version of Walton Goggins’ The Ghoul might judge you.) The Fallout TV series is bringing a lot to the table. It gave Vault Boy an origin story, offered an answer to a major franchise mystery, and much more. Whether you’re a longtime die-hard Fallout fan or you’re just coming to the series, you’ll likely want to celebrate it. And the perfect way to do so is with these adorable Fallout Youtooz figures which specifically honor the Prime Video show. You can choose from a Youtooz version of Fallout‘s The Ghoul, Lucy MacLean, or Maximus. The Vault Boy Youtooz figure is sold out… for now.

Fallout Youtooz Figures trio

Prime Video’s Fallout series brings to life the games’ unique blend of dark humor, outright absurd silliness, and poignant tragedy. So these Youtooz Fallout figures, which take some relatively tragic and dark characters and make them perfectly cute, fit right into the franchise’s overall energy. We know Walton Goggins’ Ghoul was supposed to be kind of sexy, but now he is just so cute, we cannot stand it! The only thing missing is a Fallout Youtooz figure of CX404, otherwise known as the Prime Video series version of Dogmeat.

Prime Video Fallout Youtooz Figures Maximus

As always, these Fallout Youtooz figures think of everything. Maximus is ready for action in his power armor suit. Meanwhile, Lucy wears her Vault-Tec uniform, complete with the markings of Vault 33. She’s got her Pip-Boy and a big smile, but don’t test her. Her firearm training stats are high.

Prime Video Fallout Youtooz Figures Lucy

Of course, there’s Fallout‘s The Ghoul Youtooz figure. He is missing his nose, but it’s a good look for him. Thankfully, he has his hat and his rifle. We wouldn’t cross The Ghoul, cute Fallout Youtooz figure or not.

Prime Video Fallout Youtooz Figures The Ghoul

Lucy, Maximus, and The Ghoul are now available to order on Youtooz’ website. Lucy’s figure is a limited edition release.

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