Your Prince Is In Another Castle In This Dizzying Animated Short

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Kaizo Trap: a surprise, end-of-game obstacle that unfairly throws players back to the start.

Australian animator Guy Collins, puts the heroine of his eponymous short film through a startling number of Kaizo traps as she rescues her boyfriend from the thrall of a sinister NES. An allegory for how game addiction can destroy relationships would be easy to infer here, except that this is the work of a talent who clearly loves gaming. Collins likes speed runs, in particular, so brace yourself for the most dizzying gauntlet of deadly, high-speed obstacles ever animated!

Interestingly, the “Continue…?” option at the end isn’t just for show. It’s sort of a Kaizo trap of its own. To crack it, you’ll need to pick up the “Revenue Enhancement Pack” Collins is offering on Mondo Media, which includes a Mp3, instruction manual, posters, “secret comic,” and most ominously, the “Trap Secret Ending.” True to the spirit of the speed runs it’s emulating, the short seems to require codes and hacks to enjoy the full experience.

And speaking of speed runs: Collins has done several for Mario World on his channel. Peep this one.

We’d also recommend checking some episodes from his long-form animated series, Raised by Zombies. The pace is a bit more deliberate than “Kaiju Trap,” but these shorts share all the same quirky energy, scratchy detail, and macabre humor. Collins is an artist that gamers and toonheads alike should definitely keep their eyes on.

Ever had nightmares after some late night speed runs? Did they look like this? What’s the most dastardly Kaizo Trap a game has ever hoodwinked you with? Sound off in the talkback!

Featured Image Credit:  Guy Collins Animation 

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