Your Next 5e Adventure Is Going to the Dogs (But It’s a Good Thing)

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If you love the look of the new Critical Role miniatures from Steamforged Games, you’ll adore the Dungeons & Doggies Kickstarter campaign that’s currently underway. Or, if you simply love dogs, you should definitely take a look at these marvelous minis. (And who doesn’t love doggos?)


Animal Adventures: Tales of Dungeons & Doggies is an unpainted miniature set from Painting and Polygons, featuring one creative canine for every 5e class. One half of the duo is Russ Charles, whom you might remember as the brilliant sculptor on the Critical Role minis. He turns his talents to a different kind of “mini” heroes for this set. What each animal adventurer lacks in height, they more than make up for in personality.

You’ll meet Cornelius, the wizard golden retriever, along with a chihuahua rogue, a corgi warlock, and many more. Each miniature comes with a name, backstory, and character sheet to make their integration into your adventuring party as seamless as possible.

There’s also a Kickstarter exclusive figure of Tonka, the mastiff bard, from the webcomic Dungeons and Doggos. And, on top of all that, you can also receive an adventure unlike any other called, “Who’ll Let the Dogs Out?” That’s practically worth backing on the name alone.


The project actually got its start because of Critical Role, Russ tells Geek & Sundry. “I wanted to find an artist to draw my D&D character and, seeing as I can’t draw, but I can sculpt, I reached out to the Critter art community to see if anyone wanted to swap art of a mini,” he says. “April, our artist, responded, and her mini design was for a Golden Retriever wizard. From there we got to talking, the seed of an idea was born, and we decided that THIS was the idea we wanted to run with!”

Dungeons & Doggies blew away its initial funding goal and there are just a few days left to unleash the hounds into your next role-playing adventure. Don’t miss your chance to be a good boy like Monty.

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Featured Image: Dungeons & Doggies / April Prime

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