Even after five years, the death of Kid Flash Wally West still brings pain to my aching heart.

The shocking season two finale of Young Justice left many fans, including myself, clamoring for more from the beloved superhero team and a follow-up to the revelation of Darkseid as the evil mastermind behind Vandal Savage’s dastardly deeds. After news of the series’ cancelation, many believed it truly was the end game for our young heroes. But now, after five long years of fan campaigning and waiting in breathless anticipation, we finally have our extensive first look at the show’s new third season entitled Young Justice: Outsiders.

OOF! What a trailer! Taking place years after the events of season two, Young Justice: Outsiders will see characters new and old unite to face the dangers of meta-human trafficking. As you can see, the trailer brings back the hurt by recapping the death of Wally West (#justiceforwally), but after that it wastes no time getting into the high-stakes action and thrills of the new season. The adventures look bigger and better than ever, the bad guys look bigger and badder than ever, and most importantly, LOOKS LIKE KID FLASH MIGHT BE BACK Y’ALL!!!

Debuting in 2019, Young Justice: Outsiders will premiere on the DC’s upcoming subscription service along with the new live-action Titans series. So if you want to see the whole gang back together, you’re gonna have to pay up.

What do you think of this new trailer? Does it have you PUMPED for the new season? Let us know your trailer reactions down below and if you’re going to sign up for DC’s new streaming service.

Images: DC Universe

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