You Need to Read This Crowdfunded Comic About the Plot to Steal Dracula’s Silver

Starting your own comic book publisher because you’re so dedicated to telling your own story is a pretty huge statement of intent and that’s exactly what Stephen Franck, creator of Silver, did. “I started Dark Planet Comics because I had to tell the story of SILVER and wanted to forge my own way,” said the author. After two successfully funded Kickstarters, Franck and his motley crew of con men and women are back, and they’re one step closer to that titular treasure.

If you’ve yet to come across Silver, it’s the story of Rosalyn Van Helsing, a mysterious vampire hunter who is of course the decedent of the original Van Helsing, Abraham. Set 30 years after he first stepped foot into Castle Dracula, Silver follows Rosalyn as she teams up with a misfit band of con men and thieves to rob Europe’s richest vampires. A decisively pulp take on the world of the most famous vampire to have ever lived, Silver has already gained a cult following and is hoping to expand on that with this third volume.

After the book’s first volume where the crew found Jonathan Harker’s ledger which discloses the location of a hidden treasure trove of silver hidden in the depths of Dracula‘s castle, they’ve been on a globe trotting caper that’s led them through the dive bars of New York City to riding the Orient Express. In this newest adventure, Rosalyn and her merry men are deep undercover and ready to commit the heist of the century, or in this case even the millennia!

The Kickstarter for Silver volume three launched today and you can support it here, but for now cast your eyes over the issue that started it all, Silver #1.

Images: Dark Planet Comics

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