You Deserve This Video Of Mark Ruffalo Reading Thirst Tweets About Himself

The biggest moment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is finally upon us.  Avengers: Infinity War is finally premiering in theaters, and we’ll get to see our Marvel faves band together to save the world. And while the movie is packed to the gills with heroes, one of our very favorite members of the Avengers is the delightful scientist/Incredible Hulk, Mark Ruffalo.

Understandably, MCU fans have a lot of love for Ruffalo. Not only has he done brilliant work as the lovable Dr. Bruce Banner, expertly portraying Bruce’s inner conflict over his unique “situation” with his alternate, Hulk identity, but Ruffalo himself is just a genuinely nice man. He is not only gracious to his co-stars and fans, but he also uses his platform to do good in the world, help those that need it, and make real change in the world. He’s basically a real-life superhero, so it comes as no surprise to find such a great number of individuals in the fandom who have a massive crush on the actor. You don’t have to go far on the web to stumble into a deep tunnel of internet declaration of intense Mark Ruffalo thirst.Thankfully, Buzzfeed took a deep dive into the realm of Mark Ruffalo thirst tweets and uncovered some of the best for Mark Ruffalo himself to read. It’s one of the most delightful and awkward recurring bits that Buzzfeed does and watching Ruffalo try to keep his composure while being confronted with some of the most in-your-face declarations of Ruffalo thirst is one of the best things you’ll watch today.

Ruffalo reacts in a perfectly Mark Ruffalo fashion. He’s gracious to the fans expressing such brazen love for him, but he also appears visibly baffled (and a bit embarrassed) by the tweets. And while he starts off the exercise offering bewildered appreciation to his thirsty fans, he ends the entire affair offering a heartfelt thanks, saying how flattered he was to read the tweets.

It has to feel a bit surreal, coming face-to-face with the unfiltered love from your fans, but Mark Ruffalo handled the situation like a champ. And with the fate of all of our Marvel heroes up in the air after the events of Infinity War, we’re glad he understands just how much the fandom loves him. Let’s just hope the thirst from the fandom can keep Bruce Banner safe as he faces off against Thanos.

What Marvel hero would you send thirst tweets to? Let’s talk about our faves in the comments!

Feature Image: Buzzfeed

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