You CAN Play With Your Food With These 3 Tabletop Games

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You might have a hard time getting your kids to eat all of their dinner, but these food-themed games will actually get them eager to get their hands on vegetables. (On cards, to play with, of course. You’re on your own with getting real broccoli down the hatch.)

From farming crops to food fights to stir fry, these three colorful games are the best ingredients for a fun family game night.


This hand management game puts players in charge of planting and growing vegetables. You might think that doesn’t sound like a compelling basis for a card game, but did we mention they’re not just any ordinary plants? They’re FrankenCrops.

Vibrant, cartoonish cards packed with personality, along with gameplay that has players either helping or messing with each other, turns crop management into a good time. On each turn, a player can plant crops, fertilize them, harvest them, and even steal them from their fellow farmers. Harvested crops are worth points, and the player with the most points at the end of the game is top farmer.

2-4 Players, Ages 14+


If your kids have ever dreamed of getting into a food fight, pick a team and get ready to fling… dice. It’s meat vs. veggies in a no-holds-barred contest in this two player game. To win, players must knock out three cards of one type of enemy, such as three bacon or three broccoli.

On a player’s turn, they can roll dice to pick up beans, move their tiles, or roll to attack an adjacent matching tile. Spend the beans on power-ups to boost your meat or veggie fighters and unleash their food potential. Spoons, frying pans, and crackers become weapons of destruction in this imaginative, action-packed, and family-friendly game.

2 Players, Ages 8+

Wok on Fire

Game night will really get cookin’ when you add Wok on Fire to the lineup. Set collection meets dexterity as players use the spatula card to flip over the facedown ingredients on the table.

Flip and pick up ingredient cards to score the most points. Certain cards and combinations earn more points, and other cards subtract points, so be sure to double-check the scoring summary card before you choose the right ingredients. Kids will love flipping over cards and “chopping” cards into the wok to cover up ingredients so other players can’t take them. If your family adores Sushi Go!, they’ll find a lot to love in Wok on Fire.

2-4 Players, Ages 10+

Do you prefer your veggies on a tabletop or a plate? Tell us in the comments.

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