You Can Now Make The Giant Chicken McNugget You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Are they the best thing in the world for your health? Probably not, especially when you down a whole mess of them, because there’s no denying that McDonald’s chicken McNuggets are pretty darn delectable. Thankfully, HellthyJunkFood has come up with a solution to this problem of over-consumption, one we don’t really feel like verifying the healthiness of because it might shatter our beautiful illusions: Instead of eating a bunch of regular-sized chicken McNuggets, just down a single gigantic one!

In a recent video, our two hosts, Julia and JP, decide to face off and see who can make the superior giant-sized version of a fast food chicken nugget. JP attempts his rendition of a Wendy’s nugget, while Julia goes for a boot-shaped McNugget, and since the record shows that Julia clearly came out on top over JP’s poorly breaded, regular-sized-nugget-stuffed mess, we’re going to focus on her effort.If their reaction in the video is to be believed, Julia achieved a pretty successful upscaling of the McNugget, and thankfully, she was kind enough to post her recipe and cooking directions here. So long as you have a large enough deep fryer in your home, you can totally make this happen, but just beware that, with the multiple freezing sessions the directions call for, this could be a multi-day process. Still, doesn’t it seem worth it?

Check out the video above, and if you’re dying to see giant versions of other fast food staples, the good news is that HellthyJunkFood kinda specializes in that, so head over to their YouTube channel and make your dreams come true.

Featured image: Brandon Wang

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