YELLOWJACKETS Spinoffs Are on the Table, Say Creators

In a recent interview with Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson, the Yellowjackets creators briefly touched on an idea that will have fans perking up their ears. The two noted to The Hollywood Reporter that Yellowjackets spinoffs could be on the table. It doesn’t sound like anything imminent, but it does sound like it’s definitely an idea in the background.

Lyle and Nickerson said the following regarding Yellowjackets spinoffs for the hit show: “We’re aware that it’s something they’re [Showtime] interested in, and we certainly aren’t closed off to the idea. It would have to make sense. We have a couple of ideas.”

Yellowjackets mystery symbol, Yellowjackets series could get spinoffs

Of course, not every show demands a spinoff. But Yellowjackets has a sprawling world with many mysteries and many characters. Not everyone and everything can fit into the scope of one show. Who wouldn’t want their favorite plotlines and team members to get a little more time in the sun? If we had to pick a Yellowjackets spinoff right now, our top pick would be an anthology series about the wilderness.

One of the many Yellowjackets questions and theories. Are there supernatural powers at work on Yellowjackets? The girls having a seance.

What happened in those woods before the Yellowjackets’ plane crash-landed? It seems like the dead hunter the team discovered in the eerie cabin has a story to tell. But beyond that, the show could build a whole mythos around the area. Could the forest have been attracting crashes and wanderers for generations? Could it continue after the team is rescued? Where did its power first come from and what have those woods been up to for twenty-five years? It certainly feels like an interesting story to us.

Of course, we wouldn’t mind seeing a whole Yellowjackets spinoff devoted to Van and Tai first getting together either. We guess will have to wait and see what the wilderness has in store should we ever get more stories in this world.

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