Canceled XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS Reboot Script Is Now Online

Not even a couple of years ago, there were stories of a Xena: Warrior Princess reboot for NBC floating around. While that project ultimately didn’t go though, it was more than just a rumor, as it is something that was indeed pitched at one point. Former Lost writer  Javier Grillo-Marxuach was assigned to write the script for the new pilot episode back in 2016. Xena 2.0 would have featured an entirely new cast and would have been a new interpretation of the mythology introduced in the original ’90s series.We may not have gotten the series proper, but in the entertainment business, just about everything leaks eventually, and now the script for the Xena reboot has found its way online. It’s available for fans to read (with Grillo-Marxuach’s blessing), thanks to the Facebook fan group  Xena Movie Campaign.

As one would imagine for a pilot script, this rebooted origin tale plays out in somewhat similar fashion to what fans already know, but there is one big difference: in this version, Hercules isn’t a hero, but a villain. This is similar to the 1980s reboot of Wonder Woman from DC Comics, in which George Perez turned Hercules into the villain of the Amazon’s history, despite his demigodhood.Another aspect of the reboot that never was included a romance between Xena and her loyal sidekick Gabrielle. This relationship was always shipped by fans back in the original series run (long before shipping was even a term) but the ’90s was a different time. The producers never gave in to fan demand and put their lead character into a same sex relationship, despite the very broad hints that they were already in one. Nevertheless, it seems it is only a matter of time before the Xena reboot happens somewhere, even if it’s not NBC or a traditional network, so fans shouldn’t give up hope entirely.What do you make of this canceled version of Xena? And would you like to see this take on the warrior princess get another chance one day? Be sure to let us know you thoughts down below in the comments.

Images: NBC/Universal

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