This Xbox Series S Toaster Just Changed the Breakfast Game

We all know the old joke about gamers loving MTN Dew and Doritos, but a new toaster could change that perception forever. At minimum it’s going to bring video gaming to breakfast. You can now give your favorite bread or bagel a hint of console with the new Xbox Series S Toaster.

An Xbox S Series Toaster with toast marked with an X in both the machine and on a plate nearby

Walmart is now the exclusive home to a very special toaster (that we first heard about at DesignTAXI). The white exterior with black trim and an LED screen is designed to resemble a Microsoft’s Xbox Series S gaming console. The two-slice toaster will also leave an Xbox X-logo on your food. That includes bread slices, frozen waffles, English muffins, and bagels (which it’s wide enough to handle). The toaster’s six-setting shade selector dial will let you customize just how brown you want you food to be. The toaster also also includes a digital LED countdown timer with clock so you can use it to reheat food.

The kitchen appliance also has a Quick Warm Up setting. It allows hungry gamers to defrost frozen items. The device’s official description points out that also includes items straight from the freezer or “your Xbox Series X Fridge,” just in case you’re looking to have an entire Xbox-themed kitchen.

The side of a white Xbox toaster with text pointing out various dials and features

It will also fit on any kitchen counter and/or TV stand. The toaster measures 15-inches wide, 7.6-inches tall, and 4.6-inches deep. It also comes with an anti-jam function, automatic temperature control, removable crumb tray, and non-stick coated plates.

You can get yours from Walmart’s online store for $39.99. If you are literally a gamer cliché and plan on using yours to try and toast loose Doritos we recommend buying two so you’re covered when the first one breaks. Even better, we recommend not doing that. But if you want to wash down your morning bagel with some MTN Dew while playing your favorite game, go for it. That won’t do any damage to your toaster, just possibly your digestive system.

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