X-FILES Meets GOLDEN GIRLS Is the Mash-Up We Never Knew We Needed

We are smack dab in the middle of an era of TV reboots. We’ve recently seen the return of classic shows like Twin Peaks, and very soon, Roseanne will be returning after twenty years away from television screens. Meanwhile, Queer Eye was the TV reboot we all needed but didn’t even know we wanted.

One show that won’t be coming back, however, is one of the most beloved — The Golden Girls. Sadly, three of the four titular girls are no longer with us, and no one wants to watch a show about Betty White’s character Rose sitting alone in the kitchen eating cheesecake by herself. (And I’d like to think that no one would dare try to recast the girls ever, unless it’s a challenge on RuPaul’s Drag Race, then it’s OK.)  But maybe then next best thing, according to Twitter user Blake Hammond, is to mash-up Golden Girls with X-Files. Now THAT is a reboot we are down for.And yes, we know, we are still in the midst of the X-Files second event series revival, but it is probably its last, as Gillian Anderson is said to be done with the role for good. But maybe if wait just a few more years, when both Anderson officially joins David Duchovny in retirement age, X-Files can come back as a show about Mulder and Scully just sharing a house in Miami, reminiscing about the old days investigating supernatural occurrences. I mean, just watch the X-Files opening credits remixed with the classic Golden Girls theme song and tell me you wouldn’t watch that show.

What two classic shows would you like to see get the mash-up treatment? Be sure to let us know down below in the comments.

Images: Twentieth Century Fox / Disney 


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