Fans Create WRECK-IT RALPH 2 Fan Art Inspired By Casual Disney Princesses

Disney fans, we know what we like and we commit hard. Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 doesn’t hit theaters until November but anticipation is through the roof thanks to fun exclusives slowly being leaked to internet. Today Entertainment Weekly released an exclusive still that showed all our favorite Disney princesses kicking back and living their best lives. Casual attire, natural hair, it was all too good to be true. Can we talk about Mulan’s jacket? I mean come on.

The princess slumber party was so inspiring that within the first few hours of its release, fans started creating fan art and cosplay based solely on that one image. Check out these fan tributes to the laid back versions of Disney’s iconic princesses.

Casual Snow White

No doubt, once Disney starts selling these casual princess outfits, they’ll be flying off the shelves. Snow White looks super hip and comfy, and ready for her long nap in a glass coffin.

Casual Mulan

Everything about this makes me happy. From the colors, to the happy Mushu, to the fabulous outfit. Mulan, you are everything.


Elsa, you had me at ice cream.


Let’s assume Tiana has some delicious chicory java in that cup, given that she’s sporting a NOLA shirt and all.

More Casual Mulan

I need this Mulan outfit in my life.

Moana sketch

What can I say except, “You’re welcome” for finding this cute ink sketch.


Yep, more Mulan. She’s popular because she’s a badass and everyone’s for sure coveting that amazing jacket.


This quick ink sketch captures the calming essence of Mulan on her day off.

Anna cosplay

Anna is probably the easiest to cosplay, after all who doesn’t have a plaid shirt in their closet. More importantly I appreciate the commitment to chips here.

Posed Princess Dolls

Even dolls can get in on the cosplay action. This posed shot is based on an old iconic old backstage shot from one of the parks but could easily be the inspiration for the casual princess slumber party from Wreck-It Ralph.

Cinderella cosplay

Yes! Casual Cindy chillaxing with pals is the best.

Princess pj cosplay

I couldn’t love this more. The commitment from Disney fans is hardcore and cosplayers are the real deal.


Mulan single handedly bringing bean bags back.

Mulan and Snow White

The funniest thing about Snow White’s casual look is that she’s wearing a poison apple shirt, which would be like me wearing a shirt with beets on it aka my kryptonite.


The phone and popsocket add the perfect millennial touch to Mulan’s everyday look. I assume she’s texting Mushu a selfie.


Is it the shoes that makes Mulan’s look so cool? It’s definitely the shoes.


Doesn’t this just make you want to start singingTamatoa’s “Shiny?”

Tiana and Cinderella

A relaxing night with my best friends and a frozen coffee drink, too? That’s my ideal weekend.

Black and white Mulan

Let’s be real, I’m taking this image in as reference for my next haircut.

Let us know what you think, and which casual princess is your favorite, in the comments below!

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