World’s Largest Super Soaker is 7 Feet Long, Blasts Water at 273MPH

The backyard water gun brawl is one of those classic pastimes, allowing kids to pit themselves against one another in a mock war where the turf is literally turf, and the whole eye for an eye concept becomes a very real proposition. But even in mock water wars, there are those, who like Dee Stormy Storms and her dragons in GoT, have an unbeatable advantage. Take Mark Rober and the world’s largest Super Soaker. It breaks windows.

To stay safe around this thing you’ll probably need goggles. And a riot shield.

Rober is a former JPL engineer who has turned his building skills toward bringing to life creations that most kids, and let’s be honest, adults, dream of. Aside from this massive water blaster, Rober has also delivered a swimming pool made entirely of Orbeez water balls, the world’s largest Nerf gun, and this moving dartboard that’s kind of like a reverse targeting computer from Star Wars.

This Super Soaker, which is verified by The Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest, seems to be exceptionally more dangerous than any of those other creations however, with the ability to create a pressurized stream of water that can cut through watermelon, soda cans, and eggs. OK, eggs isn’t so impressive, but still, one of the yokes remains intact after being shot with a 273mph jet of water, which is pretty exceptional.

Rober points out that the giant Super Soaker is essentially a scaled-up version of a normal Soaker, although instead of hand-pumping air into the water tank to create pressure, this beast uses high-pressure nitrogen gas. The nitrogen gas, which is stored in the gun’s handle, is applied to a two-gallon tank of water, and wham-o, you have yourself something that can win you any and all water wars. That is unless somebody has some kind of human-sized water balloon for defense. Which would be ridiculous!

What do you think about this mega Soaker? Blast the comments section with your thoughts below!

Images: YouTube / Mark Rober

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