The World’s Largest Gummy Pizza Weighs 225 Pounds!

How much pizza is too much pizza? Trick question—there is no such thing as too much pizza. However, at 225 pounds, the world’s largest gummy candy pizza is at least threatening to be too massive for any one patron.

The novelty food aficionados at Vat19 set out to make the world’s largest slice of gummy pizza, which they did by creating a single silicone candy mold that measures in at a whopping three feet long by two feet wide. While they recreated three layers of pie—crust, cheese, and toppings—they are all self-contained in the single mold, so you don’t have to worry about losing precious cheese or pepperoni when picking up your slice. Instead, you can worry about throwing out your back while eating, because each slice weights 28 pounds.

For flavors, they went with orange for the “crust,” strawberry-banana for the “cheese,” mango for the “banana peppers,” green apple for the “olives,” and cherry for the pieces of “pepperoni.” What’s even more amazing is that they are actually selling these slices for $149.99 each, but if you think there’s no one hungry enough for that much gummy candy it is currently sold out at Vat19. (“Stocking issues” mean some orders will come with pineapple for the cheese flavor instead—sort of a Hawaiian gummy pizza.)

The World’s Largest Gummy Pizza Weighs 225 Pounds!_2

But no, not even at 225 pounds is this is not too much pizza for us. Although at this size our delivery person probably wouldn’t agree that there’s no such thing as too much pizza.

How many people do you think you would need to finish this pizza? Take a bite out of our comments section with your best guess.

Images: Vat19

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