World’s First LEGO Airplane Can Really Fly (Kind of)!

Warning: LEGO lovers, the above video contains hammering, taping, gluing, and cutting of LEGO pieces. R.I.P. legal LEGO connections. 

LEGOs are so much fun for kids, and adults—looking at you, people who enjoy a cold beer and a sweet build—because they allow us to bring beautiful, wild creations from out of our imaginations into the real world. Most of the time, these creations are fun to look at, but not very functional. This is not the case with Peter Sripol’s LEGO airplane however, because it can fly! Kind of! Sploid picked up on the video posted above, which details Sripol’s heroic, Howard Hughesian quest to build what he deems “the world’s first LEGO airplane.” And after a lot of building and rebuilding, trial and error, and bored dog moments caught on camera (seriously, the faces Sripol’s dog makes are just lovely), Sripol and his friend—who should really have their own Calvin and Hobbes-esque comic—manage to get their big plastic bird up in the air.

The LEGO plane, which uses a couple of base plates for wings making the whole build fairly large, fails on its first attempt, but manages to take flight on its second (occurring around 10:15 in the video). After the successful launch, Sripol exclaims, “Oh no, it’s flying, no way! It’s flying, holy crap, it’s flying!” which we believe are the first words the Wright Brothers emitted when their plane first took off (that’s probably not true).

Although the plane is shakier than Fry after 99 cups of coffee, it still manages to soar for dozens and dozens of seconds! But considering the plane is made of literal “bricks,” that’s still pretty astounding.

What do you think about this LEGO bird? Are you impressed with what is possibly the world’s first functional LEGO airplane, or was your heart broken when you saw the glue come out? Let us know in the comments below!

Images: Peter Sripol/YouTube

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