WONDER WOMAN Theme Gets Incredible Cello Solo

Superhero movies are better than they’ve ever been, but as the films based on comic books have improved, one things has remained lacking — superhero theme music. As good and as faithful as all of these modern superhero adaptations are, none of these heroes have particularly memorable themes. Certainly nothing as iconic or as instantly recognizable as John Williams‘ theme for Superman or Danny Elfman’s theme for Tim Burton’s first  Batman film.


However, the one exception to that rule has been none other than Wonder Woman. Although she barely had any screen time in last year’s Batman v Superman, her appearance was accompanied by a kickass piece of music, which was a collaboration between famous film composer Hans Zimmer and synth/electronica musician Junkie XL. The track’s official name is “Is She With You?”, a reference to Batman’s line to Superman when she first shows up. But it’s simply become known as the new Wonder Woman theme song.

Now, cellist  Tina Guo decided to bust out her electric cello for a new, more rock oriented take on the new Wonder Woman theme from BvS, which will almost surely also be featured in the coming Wonder Woman solo film as well. She debuted her take on the song in a new video, which she premiered via her YouTube channel. You can check out the full video of her performance down below. Guo looks like a bit like an Amazon from Themyscira herself as she rocks out on the cello, don’t you think?

What do you think of Wonder Woman’s theme? Is it amazing, or do you think the old ’70’s TV show theme is still the best? Let us know down below in the comments, and don’t miss critics’ spoiler-free first reactions (including Nerdist’s own Alicia Lutes!) of Wonder Woman’s solo film.

Images: Warner Brothers

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