WONDER WOMAN Medieval Battle Armor Is Worthy of an Amazon

Wonder Woman is finally getting her due in 2017. Some of us have loved the character forever, but thanks to Patty Jenkins’ amazing movie, the whole world has realized that Wonder Woman is indeed truly wonderful. And this Halloween season, not surprisingly, Wonder Woman is a popular costume choice for girls and women.

However, I doubt many of them will have a Diana Prince costume as amazing as this custom Wonder Woman armor, created by  Samuel Lee from Prince Armory, via Geeks Are Sexy.  The armor is super badass, and although it’s inspired by the big screen version of Diana, there are several touches from the comic book incarnation as well (if you look carefully, you’ll notice little stars on the leather battle skirt). You can check out the full set armor below:

The folks at Prince Armory have made pop culture based medieval armor before, but their Wonder Woman armor is, in my opinion, their finest work and stands as something that could absolutely be used by the character in one of her next big screen outings.

In the comics, Diana has a full body golden eagle style armor and helmet, which first appeared in the pages of Kingdom Come. As cool as that armor is, I think this one is way cooler. With a more militant “alternate timeline” version of Wonder Woman said to appear in the upcoming movie Flashpoint, I think Warner Brothers should give the folks at Prince Armory a call and see if they can use this work of art for the film. Who wouldn’t want to see Gal Gadot rock this outfit?

You can see close-up shots of the armor at Prince Armory’s website.

What do you make of this ultra badass Wonder Woman armor? Would you like to see it up on the big screen? Let us know below in the comments.

Images: Warner Brothers

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