WONDER WOMAN Cosplay Group Is All About the Amazons

This year’s Wonder Woman film from Patty Jenkins wasn’t just the biggest blockbuster hit of the summer, it became a cultural touchstone for millions of women who finally got to see themselves represented on screen in a comic book superhero film as the lead.

No, Wonder Woman wasn’t the first female superhero movie, but it was the first one in a very long time and it turned out to be the best. And it wasn’t only Gal Gadot‘s Princess Diana who was amazing in the film and gave inspiration to so many, but also her fellow Amazons like Antiope ( Robin Wright), Artemis (Ann Wolf), and Queen Hippolyta ( Connie Nielsen). They rocked our collective worlds.

Now, thanks to Vanity Fair, we’ve learned of an amazing cosplay group who honor the film’s Amazonian ideals with a series of stunning photographs as the Themysciran warriors, both in their formal military outfits, as well as their casual, Grecian style attire. Also included is Diana’s blue gown from her confrontation with the German General Ludendorff in the movie.

The cosplayers, who are part of an online Amazon inspired cosplaying community called the Amazon Sisters of Themyscira, are Beverly Downen as Hippolyta,  Harbeastie as Wonder Woman,  JJ Stefishen as Antiope,  Yasemin Art as Diana (costume by Pat Dooley) and  AbbyCat Cosplay as the Amazon (costume by Harbeastie). The formal dresses and jewelry were supplied by  Se•Lyn Boutique, while all photos are by  Downen Photography.

How did this shoot come together? According to photographer Brett Downen, “This photo shoot was an idea inspired by a group conversation among the amazons that started with a ‘Wouldn’t it be fun if?’,then rapidly expanded into a full blown Annie Leibovitz/Vanity Fair inspired Amazon shoot. We thought it’d be fun to to loosely emulate Annie’s refined, near-perfect cover images with an Amazon slant.”

“The full armored but more formal shots were our ultimate vision, but with the contribution of formal wear by Se•lyn Boutique, we were given an opportunity to take formal to a more refined area,” added Downen, “Before we knew it, schedules were dialed in, a studio was booked, and our silly conversation became a group goal. The best outcome of this photo shoot was six friends dreaming together, scheming together, and then spending an incredible afternoon in the studio together; the bonus was to have some cool group photos as the result of our adventure.”

According to cosplayer Beverly Downen, who portrayed Queen Hippolyta, “The bond of sisterhood is rooted in our desire to do this Amazonian Vanity Fair style inspired photo shoot. Much of our original intention was to encourage each other and our Amazonian sisters everywhere to celebrate themselves and their creations.”

You can check out the rest of the photos down below in our gallery, beginning with the three Nerdist exclusives.

Do you find this group of fierce Amazon cosplayers as inspiring as we do? Be sure to let us know your thoughts down below in the comments.

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Images: Downen Photography

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