Patty Jenkins Shares First Look at WONDER WOMAN 1984

By and large, modern superhero movies have a habit of killing characters off only to bring them back to life again in future outings. Clark Kent was axed at the end of  Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and revived anew in  Justice League; Jean Grey kicked the bucket in  X-Men: The Last Stand, but was reborn after the time-warping events of Days of Future Past. Hell, we didn’t even have to wait longer than the mid-credits sequence of  Deadpool 2 to see the undoing of Vanessa Carlysle’s killing—and don’t even get us started on what we expect to happen to everyone who bought the farm in  Avengers: Infinity War. But for some reason, we really thought Steve Trevor’s death would stick. So young, were we. So naïve.

Patty Jenkins Shares First Look at WONDER WOMAN 1984_1This image, first spotted in a tweet from Patty Jenkins, director of  Wonder Woman and its forthcoming sequel Wonder Woman ’84, suggests that even a mere mortal like Diana Prince’s early 20th century lover boy Steve Trevor isn’t exempt from the back-from-the-dead treatment. Granted, it’s impossible to know at this point whether Steve will be manifesting in the flesh or as some kind of mental projection of Diana’s grief over losing him.

That said, given that the World War I soldier sure seems to be a little perturbed by the ’80s-era accoutrements surrounding him in the above photo, our money’s on Stevey boy actually rising from the grave to take a bona fide trip to the Reagan years. How? Who knows! But we sure are excited to find out… and excited to see Chris Pine back in action for another round of sidekickery.

Patty Jenkins Shares First Look at WONDER WOMAN 1984_2

In related news, Wonder Woman herself Gal Gadot also hit Twitter with a shot from the film, this one depicting Diana—no doubt in the midst of some spy work—staring down a series of monitors displaying everything from scenes from 1984 pop culture like National Lampoon’s Vacation and Dallas. And perhaps a few hints of what’s in store for Diana’s next adventure!

Do you think Steve Trevor is really back for Wonder Woman ’84? Let us know!

Images: Warner Bros

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