Close Out Women’s History Month with Fan Art of Furiosa, Sarah Connor, and More

March is coming to a close, and that means Women’s History Month is nearly over. The month-long event celebrates the accomplishments and contributions of pioneers from the past, as well as those forging paths forward today. And yes, the evolution of female characters in pop culture is a worthy addition to your study of women’s history. Fiction has a way of paralleling the real world surrounding it–contemporary times influence storytellers, and in turn, fictional characters inspire and affect women.

Poster Posse, a collective of artists that consistently churn out drool-worthy work, is tipping their hat to Women’s History Month by featuring art depicting the kind of women that make others stand up and fight back. For example, Mad Max: Fury Road‘s Imperator Furiosa:

This awesome piece is by Felix Tindall. And how about this nod to the kickass Sarah Connor from Terminator by Cryssy Cheung?

And for something different, Maria Suarez-Inclan‘s takes on Stranger Things‘ Eleven, proud feminist Emma Watson, Matilda‘s title character, and Merida from Brave:

Poster Posse has also paid tribute to women of the non-fictional variety, too. Behold, this dreamy Janis Joplin piece by Liza Shumskaya:

Do you have any art featuring heroines from the pages of history or from fiction? We’d love to see it. Leave a link to your work in the comments or share your pieces with us on Twitter at @nerdist. Or tell us about women who have had an impact on you!

Featured Image: Warner Bros.

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