Wolverine and Colossus’ X-MEN ‘Fastball Special’ Move Gets Deluxe Collectible

In the Marvel comics, Wolverine is a very short guy. Yet thanks to the fact that Hugh Jackman stands at 6’3″, a lot of people today forget Logan’s comic book height. He was so short, that his fellow X-Man Colossus (whose height lived up to his codename) could pick Logan up and literally throw him at an opponent. (He can do this while in his metallic form.) Iconic Uncanny X-Men writer Chris Claremont called this maneuver “the fastball special.” It’s a battle move Wolverine and Colossus use this against their enemies to this day. Now, Sideshow Collectibles is immortalizing the iconic X-Men movement with a Wolverine and Colossus statue and a larger premium format figure.

These are perfect for any hardcore X-Men fan. Also, they capture a moment we hope to see happen in Deadpool & Wolverine. Or maybe even in X-Men ’97, should Colossus ever show up there. You can read the official description for both right here, as well as see several images in our gallery:

The Fastball Special Premium Format Figure measures 24″ tall, 15.15″ wide, and 25.5″ deep as Colossus launches Wolverine headfirst into the fray. The metallic mutant plants his feet firmly into the ground while he winds up the pitch. Wolverine has one foot in his friend’s hand and the rest of his body outstretched in anticipation. With his protracted Adamantium claws, he’s going to be the deadliest projectile his enemies have ever known. The Fastball Special: Colossus and Wolverine Statue measures 18” tall, 14.93” wide, and 19.12” deep as a colorful team-up bursts off the comic page and onto your shelf amid a fiery explosion.

Wolverine and Colossus Fastball Special Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format figure, side view.
Sideshow Collectibles/Marvel

Both Logan and Piotr Rasputin are wearing their classic comic costumes from the All-New, All-Different X-Men comic book era. This is the era that catapulted X-Men from a canceled series to one of Marvel’s most influential comics. Wolverine and Colossus stand on a base of molten Sentinel pieces that tell the story of a battle we haven’t seen yet, but we know was brutal. The statue will set you back $755.00 and the premium format figure costs $1,050.00. You can pre-order both by clicking here. The Wolverine and Colossus fastball special figure and statue are expected to arrive in Q4 2024.

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