WOLF LIKE ME Brings Family Drama Twist to Werewolves

Honestly, it’s time. Genre movies and TV shows deserve every kind of iteration. Including the family drama that verges on a rom-com. Vampires have already gotten their day in the sun, so to speak. (Although the comedy of the vampire romance may have been inadvertent.) So it’s time for werewolves to shine. Or at least, seem relatably mundane, but also wildly supernatural. And that’s exactly what Peacock’s new show, Wolf Like Me, starring Isla Fisher and Josh Gad, brings to the table.

The series officially streams now on Peacock. In a post-launch trailer, some of Wolf Like Me‘s more comedic aspects take center stage.

“I turn into a wolf.” A calm but slightly rumpled Mary (Isla Fisher’s character) tells a shocked Gary (played by Josh Gad). “Oh.” Comes the response. And the trailer goes on to reveal their odd-couple antics.

But it isn’t all fun and games. The main trailer for the show reveals more somber notes in the mix. Including car accidents, traumas, and a lot of things to unpack. Beyond, of course, the obvious.

The official description for the show shares:

Everyone brings their own set of baggage to a new relationship. Gary (Josh Gad) and Mary (Isla Fisher) are no different. Gary is an emotional wreck and struggles to provide for his daughter since the death of his wife. Mary has a secret she can’t bring herself to share with anyone. The universe brought these two together for a reason, they just need to keep following the signs.
Wolf Like Me - Isla Fisher embraces Josh Gad
Mark Rogers/Peacock

We can’t help but feel curious to see how the supernatural actually plays into the show. For now, it really feels like just another piece of baggage. But surely, it will create more difficulties than your average past. We’re excited to see Fisher and Gad in roles that angle more serious as well. Although, judging from the post-launch trailer, their comedic expertise will get to shine.

Here’s hoping for more fantastical creatures in all our shows.

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