Wizards of the Coast Revisits DUNGEONS & DRAGONS’ Artificer Class

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You might remember in early 2017 when a new inventor character class from Dungeons & Dragons‘ Unearthed Arcana called the Artificer  made its debut. (If that doesn’t ring a bell and you’re a Critical Role fan, here’s all we have to say to jog your memory: Taryon Darrington.) After almost two years of playtesting and feedback, Wizards of the Coast is ready to release its latest version of the magical inventor in The Artificer Revisted.

The masters of arcane magic, typified by the members of the Izzet Guild in Ravnica, love nothing more than to tinker and discover. The description says also:

Artificers use tools to channel arcane power, crafting temporary and permanent magical objects. To cast a spell, an artificer could use alchemist’s supplies to create a potent elixir, calligrapher’s supplies to inscribe a sigil of power on an ally’s armor, or tinker’s tools to craft a temporary charm. The magic of artificers is tied to their tools and their talents.

The Artificer is still in the playtesting phase, cautions Wizards of the Coast, so while you can play the class in your campaign, it’s not yet officially part of Dungeons & Dragons. Keep an eye on the D&D website for updates (and a survey!) about the class, and more Unearthed Arcana content coming in the future.

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Featured Image: Wizards of the Coast / James Ryman

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