Wine Tank Explosion in Spain Spills 50,000 Liters

This might upset you, but I do not enjoy wine. Please don’t take it personally or think me evil or hopeless. I’m not saying fermented grape juice is terrible and you shouldn’t drink it. It’s just not my cup of tea. Err, cup of alcohol. Especially because I’ll still have some if it’s late enough and all other adult beverages have been consumed. I’m not a monster. And that’s why this video from Spain upsets me greatly. Because even though I am not a wine lover, it hurts my soul to see 50,000 liters of it pouring out on the ground after a tank explosion.

Especially when no one recognized this disaster was also an amazing opportunity.

Radio Albacete shared this most upsetting video shot at a warehouse at Bodegas VITIVINOS in Villamalea, Spain. It shows a torrent of wine bursting out of a large tank like a gushing river, flooding the entire outdoor area. This footage is like if the elevator from The Shining were real. Only much worse.

The total amount of wine that poured out was a whopping 50,000 liters. Considering a standard bottle of wine is .75 liters, that equates to roughly 66,666 bottles lost forever. Which is fitting, as this certainly seems like the work of the Devil.

Wine Tank Explosion in Spain Spills 50,000 Liters_1Warner Bros.

According to the winery’s president, Juan Miguel Cebrián, the cause of the explosion was a valve failure. It was quickly fixed by a technician, though obviously there was nothing any of the nearby workers could do while the tank emptied.

At least, there was nothing they could do to stop it. There was definitely something they should have done besides film it.

How many opportunities in life—if any!—will anyone have to literally bathe in wine? This was the chance to live out the dream of so many. And believe me, you don’t have to love wine to appreciate why a fountain of it pouring out for free isn’t all bad.

Featured Image: Fox Searchlight Pictures

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