WILLOW’s Jon Kasdan Says It’s More of a Pause Than a Goodbye, Has VOLUME II Plans

Earlier this week, Deadline reported that Disney and Lucasfilm opted not to move forward with a second season of Willow. The live-action series continued the story of the 1988 film and focused on Elora Danan. Season one’s finale set up an exciting future for the character and our ragtag group of heroes. We had high hopes for what could happen next on a Willow season two and talked about the possibilities with the series’ showrunner Jon Kasdan. The finale’s end credits even teased more volumes with an image of literal books on a shelf. But Disney and Lucasfilm never actually announced Willow season two. We just had the highest of hopes.

But, it turns out we can keep hoping for more Willow, according to Kasdan.

Elora Danan, Kit, Jade, Boorman, Airk, and Willow stand in the Immemorial City after defeating the Crone

Kasdan released an encouraging statement on social media after the news spread about the lack of a second season. He pointed out that Willow wasn’t “canceled” as Deadline said. Instead, they made the decision last week to release the main cast for other opportunities that may come up in the year ahead. They didn’t want to limit the cast’s availability while waiting to make season two. So, in short, more Willow won’t be made in the next year.

However, Kasdan confirmed that, with support from Disney and Lucasfilm, he and his team have written and developed Willow Volume II. They want to make it at some point, but it’s not happening right now. Kasdan did not say we will for sure get the rest of this story, but the door is not closed. They have the next chapter ready, and they could still make it one day. It gives us hope.

I encourage you to read Kasdan’s full, threaded statement:


We will keep everything crossed. While the Willow series was strongly rooted in the nostalgia of Ron Howard’s ’80s film, it grew beyond its origins. Sure, Willow played a key role in Elora Danan’s journey and Madmartigan’s presence hovered around the edges. But the new cast members each had their own arcs and conflicts on Willow. It was Elora who was responsible for fulfilling a momentous destiny, not Willow. Ellie Bamber beautifully brought to life Elora’s struggles and eventual success. In fact, the entire cast ruled.

Three worn volumes of Willow from the season 1 finale credits

Maybe one day we’ll find out what happens next with Jade and Kit. And Elora and Graydon. Even Kenneth. Here’s hoping for Willow Volume II to come to life.

Originally published on March 15, 2023.

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