William Daniels a.k.a. Mr. Feeny Still Gives Advice to BOY MEETS WORLD Cast

To a generation of kids, Mr. Feeny was an icon. Boy Meets World’s revered teacher and next-door neighbor doled out advice left and right, from his pupils’ adolescence through their early twenties. But he didn’t just dole out advice on the show. William Daniels, who played the iconic teacher, was a mentor on-screen and off-screen to the young Boy Meets World cast. And his mentorship extends far beyond the show’s run. Decades later, Daniels is still mentoring his former co-stars, giving out advice and even teaching them a thing or two about life. (As only Mr. Feeny could, of course.)

Shawn, Cory, and Topanga in Mr. Feeny's classroom in Boy Meets World

Boy Meets World stars Will Friedle, Rider Strong, and Danielle Fishel are embarking on a winding trip down memory lane. Their new podcast, Pod Meets World, revisits the beloved TGIF series, which the actors haven’t seen since the ’90s. Speaking with People, the trio talked about one of their most anticipated guests, Daniels, and shared how he continues to be a guiding light for the cast.

Friedle shared that not only do they still keep in touch with the famed actor, he still has a lot of wisdom to share “He’s still giving [advice],” he said. “Ninety-five years old and he still shoots out the pearls of wisdom. His wife, Bonnie, as well. Talking to them is still magical.”

Eric and Mr. Feeny chat in the yard in Boy Meets World

The trio elaborated on what it was like to work with Daniels on set. Specifically the way that, despite being children, he always treated them as equals—fellow actors on set. Strong said he had a “Feeny-like presence” on set, even when the cameras weren’t rolling. This was certainly in contrast to the goofing-off the rest of the adolescent/teen cast was up to between takes.

It’s clear that the Boy Meets World cast has so much respect for Daniels and his wife, Bonnie, who played Dean Bolander on the series and is also set to appear on Pod Meets World. It’ll be such a treat to walk down memory lane with Daniels, Friedle, Fishel, and Strong, learning more about their time together on the show and after. And maybe, just maybe hear a Feeny call for old time’s sake.

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