Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly ‘Reunited’ and It Feels (and Sounds) So Good

If Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly never spent another second of their lives together, let alone never co-starred in another movie, we’d still always think of them as one of the greatest comedy pairs of all time thanks to Step Brothers and Talladega Nights. Fortunately for us though, they have another comedy coming out soon with Holmes and Watson, which will see their unique takes on the legendary characters of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. But as their recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live proves, just getting the two of them in the same room is all we really need, because any time they reunite it feels so good.The two appeared with Jimmy Kimmel to discuss their upcoming film, and they touched upon a number of topics about their time together over the years and during the making of Holmes and Watson. They discussed their very fancy suits, experiences in London shooting the movie (which included too much tea and a very interesting interaction with an alum from a different Sherlock franchise), and the very interesting, coded way John C. Reilly announces he needs to visit the bathroom while on set.

They also shared a clip from the film before busting out into song to show how happy they are to be working together again, with a rendition of the Peaches and Herb classic “Reunited.”
Obviously we’re going to see Holmes and Watson (which comes to theaters on Christmas Day as a pretty great gift), but any chance we get to watch these two together feels good.

Featured Image: Jimmy Kimmel Live

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