Watch Will Arnett, as LEGO BATMAN, Prank Call a Toy Store

Will Arnett, the voice of LEGO Batman in The LEGO Batman Movie, recently told us what he thinks his character’s most underrated ability is, and while we didn’t disagree, we think the superhero’s skill at prank phone calls deserves some consideration as well.

Arnett was just a guest on BBC Radio 1’s “The Matt Edmondson Show,” and the host gave him a simple but ever-so-fun task: He had to make a prank phone call to a toy store—as LEGO Batman—starting each sentence with all the letters of the alphabet in order. In case you have the same question that LEGO Batman did, yes, we’re talking about the English alphabet.Once they have the store on the phone, Arnett is able to transition from letter to letter pretty seamlessly, the first real crack coming at K, although it was a hilarious meta reference to superhero-dom: “Kryptonite… no, that’s the other guy.” We figured he’d struggle come the end of the alphabet, but Arnett, ever the strong improviser, comes through clutch on U: “Uranium… was… sorry, my son just handed me this Google [search], he’s really into science right now.”

Rounding third base and heading into home plate, Arnett finishes the journey without ever really sounding forced: “You’ve been very, very helpful, I’m sure it’s busy. Zoo-like, I bet, right?”

Whether he’s pestering store employees or walking on a bed of LEGO, Arnett is really embracing the LEGO Batman role and all that comes with it, which is probably part of why we enjoyed The LEGO Batman Movie so much.

Featured Image: BBC Radio 1

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