Why HeroQuest is So Great, According to This Guy

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Just in case you’d forgotten why HeroQuest is your favorite ever, a bespectacled bearded man on YouTube has your back. Bardic Broadcasts is your resource for all things boxy, dwarven, barbarian in nature, and (dare I say) cracking. If you were looking for a man to awaken your desire for unboxing-related humor, the Bard is your one-stop man-shop.

With his trusty unboxing knife in hand, the Bard has carefully maneuvered the maze of objectively inferior unboxing videos in order to demonstrate to us his skill. Truly none can match the Bard when it comes to dismantling the assemblage of cardboard that physically surrounds board games, video games, and figurines from all over the land.

HeroQuest, aside from being the best, is a fantasy adventure game that was created by Milton Bradley in the late 1980s, featuring delightfully tiny furniture and uncomplicated miniatures designed by Games Workshop. Also there’s a game master and playable fantasy characters and dungeon crawling, but did I mention the tiny furniture?

The Bard’s unboxing, both figurative and literal, of HeroQuest is a sight to behold. (And that’s saying nothing of the surprise reboxing that also takes place!) As his facial hair quivers with unbridled passion for the game and despair over the downfall of Games Workshop, the Bard unloads a torrent of verbal punches, pummeling the viewer with the many things that make HeroQuest the best game ever. Caught in his manic onslaught of superlatives, any reasonable and attractive person must also see the boundless merit of HeroQuest.

The video is energetic tomfoolery coupled with actual thoughtful insight, and his other unboxings are just as thrilling.

Back when scant information was revealed about Blizzard’s little-known piece Overwatch, the Bard bravely unboxed a deadly Tracer statue and examined the representation of her character therein.

Also watch him unbox, or “unpacket,” a chocolate bar.

What do you think is the best thing about HeroQuest? Pick anything and you’ll be right, so have no fear and post it in the comments!

Featured image credit: Les Edwards/Milton Bradley Games

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