Why Are the Avengers So Bad at Disguises?

Most of the hero characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are at least partially human, meaning they walk around in bodies just like everyone else. (Although their bodies are exceptionally fit and beautiful, so maybe not just like everyone else.) You would think, then, that whenever they’re off duty, they’d slum it in sweatpants and T-shirts like the rest of us, right? Well, not so fast. Unless you pay attention to the little details, you may not have noticed that the Avengers are actually really terrible at fitting in with civilians, as evidenced in this short compilation video from the Marvel España Twitter account.

Now, some of this can be explained by noting that our heroes simply don’t want their faces recognized by bystanders, hence the terrible sunglasses and hats. But just like the celebrities in our reality, you have to wonder why they don’t realize this sort of thing just draws more attention. Like, seriously Cap, do you think those glasses are fooling anyone? You’re still incredibly handsome and accompanied by a redhead whose locks are fully exposed!


The video also reminds us of Tony Stark and Scott Lang‘s hoodie disguises, Nick Fury‘s sunglasses and Bucky‘s terrible baseball cap in Winter Solider, and a slew of other hat and aviator incognito looks through the MCU‘s run. Not to mention Thor‘s blanket cover-up in Ragnarok, which seems to poke fun at the whole “superhero in disguise” trend on a meta-level.

Seriously, guys, invest in some wigs and hair dye, maybe learn some contouring tricks, and you won’t have to look so obvious the next time you solve crime in a public space.

Images: Disney/Marvel

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