Live Your Best Life in Whut’s ’90s-Inspired Athleisure

There has been a huge nostalgia wave sweeping through our television, movies, books, and clothes. We can’t help but love stuff that throws it back to decades past, and that is why we are obsessed with this new, ’90s-inspired clothing line from Alpha Book Club host Maude Garrett called Whut. Whether you’re a bona fide ’90s kid or you just feel like one at heart, if you’re looking for athleisure, poolside gear, or just streetwear fit for the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air himself, Whut has got the outfit of your dreams. And Whut isn’t only adorable, but it’s also responsibly made. Every piece of Whut clothing is handmade to order in California, with ethical craftsmanship and expert quality.

But what makes Whut really special is that it’s a line that celebrates inclusivity. Whut allots every design to its men’s and women’s lines of clothing, and furthermore, has made several items more gender-neutral. The company features models representing a variety of ages, races, and sizes, and each piece in Whut’s line accommodates for nearly every size, going up to 2XL and 3XL.

Whut is powered by independent artists working together to create some of the most unique, eye-catching, ’90s-tastic clothing that money can buy. And you can get some of these amazing clothes for yourself right now by visiting the Whut website.

You can get a closer look at Whut’s clothing in our gallery below, and be sure to tell us which pieces are your favorites in the comments!

Images: Whut

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