WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT Gets Mashed Up with Marvel, DC, and More

Who Framed Roger Rabbit was not only a love letter to the 1940s animation of Disney, Warner Bros, and more, it can also be credited with revitalizing Disney’s animation studio in a big way, leading to the success of The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and so many more animated classics. With  Robert Zemeckis‘ film film turning 30 this year, the artists at Rage Gear Studios have found a fun way to celebrate Roger and Jessica Rabbit’s love story for the ages with a new series of pop culture mash-up art.NYC-based graphic designers Rey Arzeno and Eric Guerrero channeled their passion for comic books into a career in art. In 2012, they established Rage Gear Studios, where years of geeking and arting have merged to produce images that appeal to fans of multiple genres. Rage Gear Studios are the same folks who brought us the amazing Rainbow Brite/X-Men mash-up arts a few years back. For the Hunty Bunnies series, they are joining the worlds of Toon Town with characters from not only Marvel, but also DC Comics, The Fifth Element, The Legend of Korra, Voltron, Mario and other pop culture favorites, with Rey working on the “Jessicas” and Eric on the “Rogers” .Although the male characters are usually represented by Roger and the female characters by Jessica, the artists actually do change it up a bit. There’s some “Rule 63” gender bending going on here, as Marvel’s Bucky and Colossus are doing their best sexy Jessica Rabbit impressions, with Captain America and Deadpool doing their best Rogers, respectively. And LGBTQ characters are represented with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, as well as Young Avengers’ power couple Hulkling and Wiccan.The dresses drawn for all the the Jessicas are based on real outfits worn by the legendary Marilyn Monroe, who of course inspired Jessica Rabbit in the first place. After rummaging through the digital boudoir containing images of Marilyn’s most famous designer dresses, the artists matched up and customized each gown to the heroines, and it makes for a perfect match. You can see the entire Hunty Bunnies series in our gallery down below:What do you think of this amazing tribute to Roger and Jessica Rabbit? Be sure to let us know down below in the comments.

Images: Rage Gear Studios

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