Who Dies in SCREAM VI?

The slicing and dicing continues in Scream VI as Ghostface chases after fresh meat and old foes alike. Prior to this film’s release, we knew this Ghostface would get super brutal as he (or she… or they) barrel down the streets of NYC. It is a fun place indeed for a killer, with lots of dark alleys and the subway system. Now that the film is here, everyone wants to know who dies in Scream VI and how it happens. Never fear, the answers to that question are here. 

Note: We will only cover the deaths of significant (read: named and narratively relevant) characters.

Spoiler Alert
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Scream VI Opening Scene Deaths 


If you thought that Samara Weaving’s character would die in Scream VI, then congrats! Laura is the film’s first kill in its harrowing narrative. Laura is at a bar waiting for Reggie, her Flirtr date, to arrive. They begin a conversation about her job as a film studies professor who focuses on slashers before he pretends to be lost. He lures her into a dark alley by pretending that he’s in danger but, of course, she’s the one who is about to die. A person in a Ghostface costume jumps out and stabs her before shockingly removing his mask. 

We soon find out that he’s Jason, one of her Stab obsessed students who kills her because he’s angry about a bad grade and also wants to basically test out his killer skills. 

Jason and Greg

Speaking of Jason, he ditches the Ghostface costume and walks back towards Blackmore University. On the way to his house, he stops and chats with Tara about an upcoming frat party. This all feels very WTF for every Scream fan. We’ve never seen a killer remove his mask at the beginning. And, we also have never seen a Ghostface killer (I guess he loosely counts, right?) immediately die at the hands of a “real” Ghostface killer. But that’s exactly what happens. Jason answers the phone thinking it is his partner-in-crime Greg, another Stab-loving psycho. But alas, it is Ghostface, who leads him to the refrigerator where Greg is hacked up. Ghostface sneaks up on Jason and stabs him to death for a unique Scream VI opening scene. 

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The Main Deaths in Scream VI

Dr. Stone 

Sam’s kinda weird therapist Dr. Stone also dies at the hands of Ghostface. This killing is nothing more than a way to make her look even more suspicious. Dr. Stone was going to report Sam’s musings about stabbing Richie 22 times (and liking it) to authorities before she abruptly left their session. Ghostface appears at his door before breaking the window out, giving him a knife to the face, and stealing Sam’s patient file. 


Well, Mindy did try to warn everyone that being around the Core Four made them either a suspect or a victim. And her girlfriend Aneka became a victim during the intense escape at Sam and Tara’s apartment. Quinn’s “boyfriend” gets hacked up here and, initially, it seems that Quinn does too. (We later find that to be false.) But poor Aneka is the big death in this scene. Ghostface stabs her in the stomach multiple times before she can get to the ladder to climb across to Danny’s apartment. The killer jiggles the ladder and Aneka eventually cannot hold on, her bloody hands slipping as she falls to a grotesque death in front of Mindy

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Brooks (Gale’s Boyfriend) 

This probably won’t hurt fans too much because they will forever love Dewey Riley. But, considering Gale and Dewey hadn’t been together for years, it makes sense that Gale would move on and find a new romance. That romance quickly dies when Ghostface gets into Gale’s apartment and dispatches her bae, Brooks, before chasing Gale around. (Side note: Quinn admits that this was her and I must say, she’s fast and strong as hell to throw a grown man through glass.) It seems that Ghostface will kill Gale too but thankfully she survives

Ethan, Quinn, and Detective Bailey 

The film ends with the killers (yes, three of them) dying in the Ghostface shrine. It’s truly inspired to have them, the family of Richie Kirsch, band together to take the Carpenter sisters out. But they do not succeed. Tara digs a knife into Ethan’s mouth before Kirby later finishes him off with a TV to the face. Sam shoots Quinn in the head before dressing up in Billy’s costume and lighting the detective’s ass up with her father’s knife. It is all very, very wild but it’s a satisfying ending to Scream VI.

There were quite a few near-deaths in Scream VI in addition to Gale, including the Meeks twins and Kirby, but our main characters make it out alive. It’s shocking that none of them died this time around but there’s always another chance if Ghostface returns.

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