Who Actually Died in the MCU’s SECRET INVASION Series?

And just like that, Secret Invasion is over. As we all knew, Nick Fury lives to be a badass another day after working with G’iah to thwart Gravik’s plan. We will see him again very soon when The Marvels drops in November. Anytime there’s any sort of big Marvel showdown, though, we can expect some casualties in the mix. Most of these deaths are ancillary characters who only exist to die in the background, many of whom don’t have a known name. But the season finale of Secret Invasion may leave some fans questioning what really happened to a couple of faves after a season of misdirections, mistaken identities, and faked deaths. Here are the MCU characters who actually died (at least, those who matter) in Secret Invasion

Did Maria Hill Really Die in Secret Invasion?

Maria Hill dies in Secret Invasion first episode, her MCU death will have great impact
Marvel Studios

Sadly, Maria Hill is actually dead in Secret Invasion, and this death will hold as the MCU moves forward. We hoped it would be some sort of fake-out death, but that’s not the case this time. It seems there are real stakes in the MCU, after all. When Gravik (masquerading as Fury) shot and killed Maria Hill in the first episode, that was the end of her story. We don’t see her being held hostage, and she does not make a return in any way. We hope the MCU death of Maria Hill will not be forgotten after Secret Invasion.

Is Talos Actually Dead in Secret Invasion

The dead green Skrull body of Talos in the foreground on the ground on Secret Invasion. Talos died in the Secret Invasion series.
Marvel Studios

Yeah, Talos met his death on Secret Invasion… Everyone’s favorite Skrull is dead too now, which is a true shame. In Secret Invasion’s fourth episode, Gravik once again gets the drop on Fury and stabs Talos in the heart, an injury from which he dies pretty quickly. He didn’t have the luxury of Extremis DNA to save him like it did G’iah. The Nick Fury and Talos relationship felt like it was truly starting to blossom in this MCU series, and this poor Skrull died for a bunch of nothing. Talos’ MCU death is another one we hope will not be for naught.

Is the Real Rhodey Alive in the MCU After Secret Invasion

Don Cheadle sitting at a table in a suit in Secret Invasion. Rhodey avoided death in the Secret Invasion series.
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In the Secret Invasion season finale, we discover that Rhodey is one of the many people being held hostage by Gravik in the compound under New Skrullos. We were pretty certain that the real Rhodey wasn’t dead, despite his Skrull look-alike taking over in Secret Invasion, and thankfully we were right. It’s not clear how long Rhodey has been trapped in the compound, but this happened at some point after the events of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Raava, the Skrull impersonating Rhodey, rightfully dies at the hands of Nick Fury in Secret Invasion‘s finale. 

Is the Real Agent Ross Alive in the MCU After Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion Agent Ross
Marvel Studios

In the first episode, the first Skrull we see disguises himself as Agent Ross. It left many fans wondering where the real Ross was and whether he was dead in the MCU. Thankfully, when G’iah goes in to rescue folks, Agent Ross is among those people, confirming he is indeed still alive. He even asks Rhodey how long he’d been down there, indicating that Ross was there before Rhodey arrived. We’re happy that Ross avoided death in Secret Invasion and lives on in the MCU.

What Happens to Gravik in Secret Invasion

Gravik points from a balcony on Secret Invasion
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Well, what do you expect to happen to a villain in a limited series?! Yes, Gravik dies in the season finale of Secret Invasion. Secret Invasion‘s ultimate villain gets into a major battle against a very strong and powered-up G’iah, and the clash ends in Gravik’s death. It looks like a new MCU hero is here, after all. At least Kingsley Ben-Adir is still with us in real life and still very hot. There’s a bright side to everything.

Secret Invasion Ultimately Delivered Two Major Deaths

Nick Fury and Talos holding one another
Marvel Studios

Although the series’ impact otherwise is unclear, Secret Invasion did manage to deliver two major deaths. Maria Hill and Talos were both relatively entrenched characters in the MCU and definitely fan favorites as they headed into this series. Although it’s hard to keep track of all the different component parts of the MCU, these two deaths remind us what we can miss if we don’t pay attention. In the end, Secret Invasion definitely left at least this mark on the universe.

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