Where to Find the Perfect RPG Mini

Miniatures and RPGs go together like bacon, and well, anything.

However, finding the perfect miniature to represent your character is always a challenge, particularly when there’s myriad race, class, and gender combinations. Beyond the well-known licensed products (including Wizkids’ range of pre-painted Dungeons & Dragons miniatures), there’s a universe of unique and interesting minis that can perfectly represent your pen and paper character. Check out these lesser-known miniature companies.


Reaper Battle Nun

Image Credit:  Reaper Miniatures 

Reaper has one of the largest and broadest catalogs of single figures. If you’re looking for it, chances are they have it very reasonably priced.

Don’t believe me? Beyond the above dual-sword wielding nun, they have a model for  Krampus, a totally  generic police phone box (which could be painted blue), and the rarest model of all, a practically-armored  female elf warrior.

No matter the universe, if you’re looking for a human, humanoid, or non-humanoid creature to represent your character, Reaper might just have what you’re looking for.


Avatars of War Minis

Photo Credit:  Avatars of War

Avatars of War creates some utterly stunning character models, with some beautiful dynamic posing. They also have a number of  female characters for non-standard female classes (like the female barbarian).

If you’re looking for immaculately armored models with crisp and characterful sculpts, definitely take a peek.


Impact! Miniatures Chibi Minis

Photo Credit:  Impact! Miniatures

Let’s face it: chibi is in. Between games like Arcadia Quest and Super Dungeon Explore giving people hordes of bad guys and some miniature options for heroes that can be easily co-opted for tabletop RPG fun, finding the right hero model for your character might be challenging.

Impact! Miniatures has a fantastic range of chibi miniatures for both heroes and antagonists with distinctive sculpts that can fit beautifully into the many genres and universes of RPGs, including science fiction, fantasy, mythological Asian, and eldritch horror.



Photo Credit:  Dark Age (Cool Mini Or Not)

If you’re playing  Titansgrave and want to represent your human-like characters, you should check out the models from  Dark Age. Published by Cool Mini or Not, Dark Age does indeed have some very cool minis.

While Dark Age is a standalone miniatures game in and of itself, the sculpts perfectly capture the techno-fantasy aesthetic and are uniquely suited to represent individuals who would belong in  Valkana.


GCT Studios Miniatures

Photo Credit:  GCT Studios 

GCT Studios makes incredible Asian mythology inspired miniatures for their game Bushido, but they’re perfect if you’re looking for fantasy Asian representations of heroes or antagonists for your game.

There are models in their range that could easily represent human Asian characters of your own design beyond the standard monk, including fighters (samurai), barbarians (sumo fighters), Asian bards (dancers), spellcasters, and rogues in the form of ninjas.


Scribor Dwarf females

Photo Credit:  Scribor Miniatures

Scibor produces a beautiful range of fantasy character miniatures, particularly Dwarves in stunning and intricate detail. Moreover, their Dwarven range includes many class types across both genders.

Highly detailed models are actually easier to paint than less detailed models (they take basic techniques like drybrushing and washing better than those with less sculpted detail), so if you’re trying to find a unique Dwarf model that’s quite easy to assemble and easy to paint, check them out.


hero forge miniatures

Photo Credit:  Hero Forge

Hero Forge takes the notion of customizing your miniature and raises the bar to the extreme, thanks to advancements in 3D printing.  Imagine creating a miniature for your character using an MMO’s character creator and you have the Hero Forge experience in a nutshell. It’s actually really fun to do–you can get a 360 degree view of your character designs, save them for printing in the future or get them printed and shipped to you right away.

There is so much customization: from the typical race, gender, clothing, and equipment to more specific details like character pose, facial expression, and even hair, using their platform. You can then order the miniature, which is 3D printed for you and shipped off.

Hero Forge is also continually updating the platform with more options (like mounts).  If you’re looking for the ultimate custom mini, this is the place to look.

Where do some of your fave RPG minis come from? Do you paint them? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image Credit:   Dark Age (Cool Mini Or Not)

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