Here’s When the GEN V Spinoff Takes Place in THE BOYS’ Timeline

Gen V is obviously set in the bloody and supe-laden world of The Boys. The show takes us to Godolkin University with a slate of college-aged superpowered people, including Marie Moreau, who want to use their powers for a bigger purpose. Some of them want to follow in Queen Maeve’s steps and become the #1 so they can secure a spot in the Seven. There are certainly some spots open there after The Boys season three. How long has it been since Homelander lasered a Starlight supporter in front of his adoring fans, anyway? Let’s get into Gen V and The Boys timeline shenanigans. 

When Does Gen V Take Place in The Boys‘ Timeline?

The answer to this is fairly simple. Gen V takes place between The Boys season three and whatever debauchery we will see in season four. The Boys confirmed this via X (forever Twitter in our hearts). So there are things that could happen in Gen V that will set the stage for next season of The Boys.

Honestly, after seeing the Seven in shambles, we are not sure why anyone would want to be a part of this mess. Vought International must be more convincing than we thought. 

Spoiler Alert

Does Gen V Reference The Boys Season Three Moments? 

Why yes, Gen V does affirm that it takes place after The Boys season three. Gen V’s first episode shows Marie in a Red River Institute group meeting where one person says that Starlight leaving the Seven encouraged them to speak their truth. There’s a Vought news broadcast that claims the Russians plotted the attack at the Seven’s tower. Homelander also appears to be on trial with his lawyer saying he simply stood his ground. 

Gen V character marie moreau stands in a Godolkin university dorm
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There’s internet chatter about Queen Maeve’s death and autographed merch for auction. In episode two, we see a student wearing a red “Keep America Safe” hat, which is a Homelander slogan that his followers have adopted. Many of them were wearing the same type of paraphernalia when Homelander lasered introduced his son. 

None of this puts a super specific pinpoint on how long it has been since the season finale. But it can’t be any more than a few weeks to months after all of this took place. All of these events seem to be very fresh in everyone’s minds.

We will have to wait and see if future episodes give us more insight into Gen V’s timeline in relation to The Boys.

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