What Your Magic: The Gathering Deck Says About You

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Magic Origins, the newest expansion of Magic: The Gathering focuses on the young lives of the game’s most notorious planeswalkers. Pretty exciting, no? As you learn what events lead up to the ascensions of Jace, Liliana, Chandra, Nissa, and Gideon, we thought it might be fun to look into what your own connection with Magic might mean.

If you’ve ever picked up a deck of Magic cards, you know that in the game there exist five colors of mana: Blue, Black, Red, Green, and White. Derived from the land, this mana is the basis for Magic’s spellcasting (i.e. the cards you play). No matter how far you’ve delved into the lore of Magic, the mana you choose to use in your deck says something about you.


You’re highly intelligent and insightful. What takes great effort for others might not seem very tough to you. Because of this, you tend to know what’s coming before it happens. At the very least, you’re prepared. Impatience is your enemy, but you see little risk in a little deception here and there. After all, you’re in control.


The way you see it, a good night out involves just the right amount of bad decisions—the story’s better that way. You gravitate more towards those moments and experiences that fill you with adrenaline. Once or twice you’ve had your back against the wall, but there was always someone else there to take the blame. Lucky you.


You probably thought this article would be lame since paragraph one. People can’t be so easily categorized and nobody really buys into this astrology crap anyway, right? The writer probably plays blue. Screw that. Why read about Magic Origins when you can just go out and buy the cards anyway?


Life isn’t simply a casual stroll. It’s an all-out sprint—and you’re in it to win it. You often find that a good run clears your head. You don’t play social games and you don’t wait around for friends to invite you to hang out. You’re not a leader or a follower, you’re a doer.


You’re the unofficial councilor of your friend group: close connections mean far more to you than having lots of acquaintances. You’re fiercely loyal and self-sacrificing. You don’t often get angry, but you do hold a grudge. Once someone is on your bad side, they’ll probably end up on the bad side of your whole group—which is exactly what a bad influence deserves.

Of course, these are just generalizations. The truth is, we’re all a little more complex than a single paragraph description. If you resonate with two or more of these, go ahead and experiment with a deck that incorporates each of them. You certainly wouldn’t be the first to dabble in multiple colors of mana.

Image Credit: Wizards of the Coast

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