What Would You Do If You Could Travel In An Actual TARDIS?

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Everybody loves to take tons of pics and spam Instagram with your vacation pics. And when I say everyone, I definitely mean Time Lords, too. The Instagram account @tardiscovery, run by the honorary time Lords Olivia and Lewis, features photos from all over the globe featuring a TARDIS. The Doctor would be so proud.

Buzzfeed featured a list of some of the most amazing places Olivia and Lewis have snapped pics of their tiny TARDIS, like pics of the phone box with a phone box…

Tardis takes Epcot-United Kingdom. #tardistravelers

A photo posted by @tardiscovery on

…or even visiting with some old frenemies.

Tardis takes FanExpo – Day 3! #tardistravelers A photo posted by @tardiscovery on

Of course, this super creative travelogue idea got me thinking about having my own TARDIS. If I had my very own TARDIS, and all of time and space, where would be the best places to start?

The Blue Beach in Sweden

When you get a time machine/space ship, the temptation can be to immediately go to another planet. However, there are some truly amazing things here on the planet. The beach gets its blue glow from plankton and science, but it’s one of those places that proves there is still tons of amazing stuff to see right here on earth.

Travel Back to the Twenties

If I found myself with a time machine, I’d spend a pretty huge hunk of time travelling back in time. While the list of stuff I’d love to see in the past is huge, I’d love to start with the crazy, roaring twenties. From the music to the fashion, I think the 20s would be a great place to start time travelling.

Visit Saturn

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been fascinated with Saturn. From the color of the planet to the rings, and the storm, that planet has always been one I’d love to visit. I’d go to Mars, but, you know, you don’t want to drink the water on Mars

Check in on the Earth in 1,000 Years

I mean, you can’t have a time machine without travelling to the future. While I’d probably spend ages travelling to different galaxies in the future, seeing what my home planet looked like a thousand years in the future would be on the top of my to-do list. Fingers crossed for hoverboards, amirite?

Where would you travel if you had a TARDIS? Would you go to the future or the past? Tell me your TARDIS travel plans in the comments!

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