What Exactly Are Captain Marvel’s Superpowers?

With the release earlier this week of the first trailer for Marvel Studios‘ upcoming Captain Marvel, the ranks of the Carol Corps have been swelling with new recruits. But while the trailer definitely whet our appetite for all things Captain Marvel, it also left a lot of questions for viewers not so familiar with Carol Danvers. For instance,  why was she punching that old ladyHow will she fit into Avengers 4What should you read if you want to catch up on her adventures before the movie? And just what can Captain Marvel do, anyway? Don’t fret, dear reader. I’m here to answer that last question with a quick and easy dive into Captain Marvel’s powers!

She can fly


While our first glimpse of Carol in the trailer features less flying than it does falling, she has the power to fly at supersonic speeds that would rival even Quicksilver. If that’s not impressive enough, she can also leave the atmosphere and fly through space, reaching truly astounding speeds and approaching the speed of light. One thing she can’t do, though, is survive without air, so she does need an oxygen mask or her handy dandy Kree helmet when voyaging between the stars.

She’s super strong


As a result of a freak accident and/or alien experiments, Carol’s is a human/Kree hybrid, with the incredible strength of a Kree warrior like Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Ronan the Accuser. While she puts that strength to a lot of uses (i.e., lifting really heavy stuff, breaking down barricades), what Carol really loves to do is punch things. Whether it’s a Skrull disguised as an old lady, a bud-eyed alien, a giant robot, or a shark, Carol is definitely up for punching it. Really hard. On a normal day, Captain Marvel can punch as hard as the Kree—which is pretty hard, as we know from Guardians of the Galaxy and  Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.—but if she’s been able to absorb enough energy (see below), she can become unimaginably strong. Ouch, glad I’m not that old lady.

She’s super durable


Falling from the atmosphere through the roof of a Blockbuster Video would be enough to kill most people. Not Carol. She can withstand nearly anything you throw at her, whether it’s a fall from space, a dose of poison, or a punch from Thanos. And, depending at what you throw at Carol, she might just throw it right back at you.

She can absorb and project energy


Where Carol’s powers really shine (figuratively and literally), though, is in energy absorption, manipulation, and projection. Carol’s body can absorb cosmic levels of energy from her environment, including energy attacks directed at her, and transform it into radiant energy blasts to use against her foes, as well as increase her own strength and durability. If the energy source is powerful enough, her body becomes shrouded in flame-like energies (her “Binary form”). In the past, she’s even been able to channel the power of stars to single-handedly annihilate enemy starfleets. I shudder to think what she could do if she got hold of the Power Stone.

I’m personally pretty excited to see Carol break out those Binary powers. Let us know which powers you’re excited to see Captain Marvel use on the big screen!

Images: Marvel Studios/Disney

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