WESTWORLD Casts Woman From Season 1 Times Square Photo

Warning: Minor spoilers follow for season two of Westworld. Take a walk elsewhere in the park if you’re not caught up.

Peter Abernathy reached his breaking point in Westworld‘s first season when he found a guest’s photo on his ranch—a guest photo that’s paying off in season two. The photo of a seemingly random woman in Times Square sent Abernathy off a loop and caused him to whisper a quote from Romeo and Juliet to Dolores, “These violent delights have violent ends.”

It turned out the picture was of Juliet, William/The Man in Black’s wife; we saw the photo in season one’s earlier timeline when William was in Westworld with Logan. Behind the scenes, the photo has an interesting story: it’s a stock photo pulled from Getty Images, taken by Erik Von Weber (he shares the “Weber” portion of his last name with Westworld co-creator Arnold Weber). The woman in the photo? Claire Unabia, a model who once participated in America’s Top Model. And now, Unabia’s been cast in the HBO series as William’s wife. WESTWORLD Casts Woman From Season 1 Times Square Photo_1

William’s wife appears in Sunday’s episode, “ Reunion,” and credits confirm Unabia, the woman from the Times Square photo, is playing his wife. Unabia told The Huffington Post in 2016 she was surprised to learn she had a small role in season one of the show; she said it was “so cool to find that I am a character on Westworld unbeknownst to me!”

With Juliet in the series and William’s obsession and misplaced anger towards Dolores, you have to wonder if Juliet will take any action against the host. Protecting Dolores was arguably Abernathy’s cornerstone, so if something with Juliet happened, maybe he recalls it underneath all those memory wipes and that’s why the photo sends him off the rails. Or not. Westworld‘s the type of series that leads to wild speculation.

Images: HBO

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