WESTWORLD Websites Show 6 Total Parks and Reveal Delos Founder

HBO’s Westworld experience reaches beyond the television screen. The story is expanded through in-universe websites that add to and usually compound the plot threads shown in the series. For example, in July 2017, the Discover Westworld site featured a message from someone trapped inside the park–and that someone is probably among the hosts that are in the middle of an uprising. A new trailer for season two, which will premiere on April 22, shows that uprising is continuing to be chaotic and violent.

That same trailer also included a hidden message. Via Polygon, Redditor Askin1 spotted white bars flashing on the screen and realized it was binary. Once decoded, the numbers pointed to a new website, Delos Destinations. When you visit the site, one thing jumps out immediately: there are six total parks. Westworld shows it’s still open for reservations (oops), the image for the second park looks glitchy but it might be Samurai World (as hinted in the season one finale), and parks three through six have only static-covered images that state “Reservations closed to the public.” WESTWORLD Websites Show 6 Total Parks and Reveal Delos Founder_1

WESTWORLD Websites Show 6 Total Parks and Reveal Delos Founder_2

The “About” page seems to show a glimpse of Samurai World.

WESTWORLD Websites Show 6 Total Parks and Reveal Delos Founder_3

Six. Total. Parks.

It’s unclear whether all of them are finished. I’m guessing not, since reservations aren’t available. But even if Delos only has a portion of the host androids ready for those parks…that’s a lot of robots to fight the humans and take control. Besides Samurai World, what other themes could exist? If they’re pulling from historical inspiration and not fantasy ideas (like, maybe no Martian world), medieval and Roman worlds make sense.

If you click on “Investors,” Delos Destinations leads to Delos Incorporated. Here, you meet the founder of Delos for the first time: James Delos. We only knew about Arnold Weber and Robert Ford. Delos had the idea for the company decades ago, and Delos Destinations is only one part of the company, as the page specifies: “We’ve centered our entire mission around understanding you better. We use our diverse portfolio of cross-industry synergies to ask the right questions, manufacturing solutions to problems of everyday life.” Not surprisingly, the company is at the forefront of biological engineering.

WESTWORLD Websites Show 6 Total Parks and Reveal Delos Founder_4

If the site’s introducing us to Delos now, I wonder if we’ll see him in one form or another in season two–maybe as a host.

Do you have thoughts on what the other parks are? If you worked at Delos, which parks would you lobby to design? Head to the comments and share your theories.

Images: HBO

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