Could Wes Anderson’s Post-WWII French Movie Be a Musical?

Everyone knows a Wes Anderson movie when they see one. Thanks to the director’s unique style, no matter the subject matter or location, they always look like Wes Anderson movies. But could his next movie be something entirely different for him, not by changing how it looks but by how it sounds? Because in what will certainly be sweet music to many of his fans’ ears, a rumor out of France says his next film could be his first musical. In news we first heard at The Playlist, France’s Sud Quest reports Anderson, who lives in Paris, will shoot his next movie in the country, with scouting already taking place in Angoulême in southwestern France’s Charente department. Little is known about the plot of the yet untitled project, but it is said to be set in France shortly after WWII, with filming beginning next February.

Could Wes Anderson’s Post-WWII French Movie Be a Musical?_1
Image: Fox Searchlight

A new Wes Anderson movie would be big news on its own, but the more intriguing report comes in a followup story from the French paper Charente Libre, which says the movie will be a musical, which would be the director’s first. (Though certainly not the first time one of his movies has had someone singing in it.)

Whether his new post-WWII French movie turns out to be a musical or not, we are fairly certain of one thing–no matter what it sounds like, it will still look like a Wes Anderson movie.

Are you excited by the possibility of him making a musical? Tell us if this is worth singing about in our comments section below.

Images: Disney, Fox Searchlight

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