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We’ve made character sheets for everything from Sailor Moon to Firefly and we’re back to bring you… cereal mascots? Yup, we’ve decided to challenge ourselves and make DnD 5e character sheets for some of the mascots of our favorite cereal brands. Get ready to go cuckoo for Waterdeep and snap, crackle, and pop your way to a battle victory with these sheets!

Tricks the Trix Rabbit

Oh, that wily rabbit who always tries to get Trix and fails (actually, he got to eat Trix twice, but that’s another story). The Trix rabbit is named Tricks (creative) and, since it’s always coming up with strange plots to steal the cereal, we’ve made him a Rogue with a Charlatan background. However, since he always fails in his plans, we gave him a fairly low Dexterity. Tricks gets a slightly home-brewed class of Were-Rabbit. This class is based off of the lycanthropes listed in the Monster Manual. Since DnD didn’t list a rabbit lycanthrope, we made one!

Cap’n Crunch

How many people knew that Cap’n Crunch’s first name was Horatio? This mascot currently wears 3 bands on his uniform, signifying the status of Admiral (Captain’s have 4 bands), but still calls himself “Cap’n.” Clearly, there’s no background more suited for this character than that of Sailor. We also gave Horatio the Ranger class with an Archery fighting style, since that style gives bonuses for ranged attacks. Since Horatio’s the captain (er, admiral?) of a ship, he’d be all about the ranged attacks. Little known facts: Cap’n Crunch’s ship is called The Guppy and Cap’n Crunch was born on an island made of his cereal namesake.

Sonny the Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs

Get it? He’s a cuckoo and he’s cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs! General Mill’s slays me. Not many realize this mascot’s name is Sonny (a throwback to his first commercials where he appeared next to his grandfather “Gramps”), but most know his catchphrase. We’ve made Sonny a Barbarian with an Entertainer background. When playing as this mascot, use Cocoa Puffs as a focus that helps you go into a rage. Given how cuckoo he is for the puffs, we’ve given Sonny the Path of the Berserker. Also, Sonny gets special abilities and weaknesses from being an Aarakocra (basically a bird-man).

Tony the Tiger

These sheets are grrrrrreat! Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves. Tony’s stats are based on those of the Were-Tiger, located in the DnD 5e Monster Manual in the lycanthrope section. We made Tony a Paladin and Folk Hero to symbolize his upstanding nature and efforts to get kids to exercise more and eat right. We made sure that Tony got the Persuasion skill because, well, I don’t know about you, but I’m not exactly a fan of Frosted Flakes. Tony could probably talk me into eating them though. When playing as Tony, don’t forget his familial ties! Tony has two kids (Antoinette and Tony Jr.) and first appeared in commercials with parents, grandparents, and more.

Snap, Crackle, and Pop

Now this sheet’s a little different. We wanted to show you how you can play as Snap, Crackle, and Pop, but they are similar enough that it didn’t warrant using most of this article to show you the same information. Snap, Crackle, and Pop were originally designed to be gnomes, but were eventually given more elvish features. Given their stature and origin, we’ve made them gnomes here. Even though we’re showing them on the same sheet, these mascots are not all the same. The three have a brotherly relationship with Snap being the oldest (the problem solver), Crackle being the middle child (often unsure), and Pop being the mischievous youngster. As a result, we’ve made Snap Lawful Good, Crackle Neutral Good, and Pop Chaotic Good. There are a lot of options when playing as these three.

And that’s it! How’d we do? Let us know if you plan to play as a cereal mascot in your next campaign!

Character Sheets Created By: Ailea Merriam-Pigg

Sonny and Trix Images Credited To: General Mill’s

Cap’n Crunch Image Credited To: Quaker Oats

Tony and Snap, Crackle, and Pop Images Credited To: Kellogg’s

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